Checker for MAAB modelling rules built into Simulink® Model-Advisor

under construction

A MAAB 3.0 implementation that covers all actual rules of the recommendation and allows more flexibility than TheMathworks® Simulink Check® toolbox.

3rd party librarys can be excluded to avoid error messages that do not apply to your own actual modelling.

Rule variations are possible, e.g. for ar_0002, where you might interprete 'directory name' referring to the full path of the directory, or the name itself only, and the definition of what the parent project directory is by nature project specific, thus requiring per project definition or at least a company specific one.Also there might a demand for some more specific naming rule according to your project, what often gives the rule more actual value.

Last but not least, auto-correction features can make life much easier, and as such make up another essential part of the LI MAAB implementation.